Shipping Settings ? How to set them up?

Ok, so my site is ready to go apart from I do not know how to setup the shipping?

ie: I only want to ship to the United Kingdom. How exactly do I set this up?



I know its a simple question beneath most people to answer but please advise as I really dont want to get this wrong :confused:

Hello MT,

Have you read the CS-Cart Manual and checked the Knowledge Base for help on how to set up your shipping? I was in the same position as you and figured it out pretty easily with the help of these two things as well as searching the Forums for past posts about shipping.

What exactly do you want to set up besides UK as your location? Do you have the shipping methods set up - UPS, Postal, etc.? There are a number of steps you must go through to get your shipping configured for your needs.

If you can be a bit more specific about what you need to set up and first refer to the Manual and the KB then maybe one of us can help you out further.


Stephanie (migrating over to 2.0.8 - not currently using CS-Cart)