Shipping Setting

How can we create a zone to include Spain and Exclude it’s islands like Canary Islands, Peninsula, Baleares and Cueta y Melilla


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Was there an update to this? I had the exact same question.

Never mind found it, you can NOT add a different country for a region that is much more expensive to ship to, BUT you can create a 2nd rate area, provided there is a province for that area. (you can add provinces though , recently I was told Lazio is missing).

First rate area is for the entire country . Normally you don't need to add provinces, but now you do, minus the province/area you exclude.
Second rate is for the same country, but now you only add the area with higher shipping rates.

Still following?

Yes I jst had similar creating rates for highlands and islands around the uk.

seems to be working ok now though