Shipping rates by State and ZipCode

So far I’m yet to encounter an issue where UPS/USPS/FedEx don’t respond in .1 seconds. If you’re hosting is causing an issue I’ld move.


To answer your question I believe it would take a while for someone to code what your asking.

You can add different shipping rates via shipping methods and selecting ‘manual’ later adding the shipping rates. Long and BORING hard work that you can avoid with a good host. :slight_smile:

Shipping to different states would be needed by managing states/destinations and adding accordingly


Hello JesseLeeStinger and thanks to respond.

I would like to clarify heehe.

I host my site in Brazil and we have same type of realtime shipping here. But as you can see that isnt reliable as it should.

I do have the Brazilian Realtime Shipping script in PHP and also the script looking into a mySQL database, as I have worked in the past with osCommerce.

Do you think anybody could implement both scripts in the CS-Cart for me?

Both scripts work very well and the Realtime one works great on oSCommerce but in the last few months I keep having some disruption on the Realtime Online System.

I apreciate


The scripts themselves would need to be recoded as far as I’m aware.

Having said that most people here are from either X-Cart or Cubecart or otherwise not living in Brazil for that matter.

I would like to help however have no working experiences with coding shipping processors. If anything I would believe that CS-Cart support would be able to assist. They have make processors for Mexico at this time.

By the way, which shipping services are available there?



I understand and you are right, I think this scripts I have will have to be coded to work with CS-CART.

The Realtime Shipping Services we use are from “Correios” that is our internal Post Office like “USPS REaltime Shipping”, but we do have the normal ones like Fedex, DHL and UPS, but isnt used as the services from the correios.

“Correios” have cheap rates and 4 models of shipping.

Don’t you think CS couldlook over this and maybe open their doors to South America? I think I would be able to help if they agree on provide the coding.

Take care


Hello Jesse,

How are you today? Were you able to check on the Post Office site?

I spent 2 minutes to explaiin a bittle how that system works, probably expecting a response from a willing person.

If you check this link ( [url][/url] ), you will get into the realtime shipping calculation screen that only support internal brazilian zipcodes. On the Drop Box “Serviço”, you can see there are 4 models of shipping.


Sedex Hoje


Sedex a cobrar

Each one of these options have its own priority and calculating using a diferent link.

If you do a calculation using the example below using the same zip codes from origin and destination as the example, but changing the Service “serviço”(Sedex, Sedex Hoje, sedex10, Sedex a cobrar) you can see that resturns a diferent link with a diferent Total amount depending the weight(Peso).


Using our standard 8 digit zipcode.

Origin Zip(Cep) 13070-071

Destination Zip(Cep) 02407-000

Weight 1kilo

Total Weight: R$ 10,50



Sedex Hoje:




Sedex a Cobrar (Get payment on shipping received, customer pays by the time receives the shipping)

This service is a little bit diferent, in this case you have to insert manualythe full amount of the Order on the “Valor Declarado” box to be able to get the shipping calculation. I inserted like R$100.00 as an example and you are able to see the "100"in the link below. In this model of shipping that is required, you dont have to declare “valor declarado” amount on the

other shipping models.


if you noticed that brings you the same link for each model(priority) of shipping but using a diferent number

Sedex: 40010

Sedex Hoje: 40290

sedex10: 40215

Sedex a cobrar: 40045

Also you can see the amount is retrieved from 0.300 grams to 30 kilos.

Note: Let’s remember the client has to input the Zip code manually for realtime verification, if I allow customers to buy without register first.

Man I really hope someone see this and will be able to help.

Thanks again Buddy.



I just adding the 4 scripts here with informations on a read.txt file. I apreciate if you can continue for a way out for me. These scripts are from the osCommerce cart and are working 100%, maybe adding it here would be easier to be recoded or implemented to CS-CART.

Thanks for your support.


Brazilian Realtime Shipping PHP

so to clarify,

it is not possible to set shippig rates by us zip code?