Shipping Rates And Formulas

Hi everyone,

Facing a headache issue with Shipping Rates and Locations...

I have two formula's from SF Express and I need to figure out a workable solution:

Example A

Standard Shipping Formula:

Total Weight * Base Cost of Country + Base charge for this country

1.2 * 12.84 + 1.79 = Total Shipping Charge

Example B

Express Shipping Charge

Based on 5kg (0.5 * 9)

Base price (per 0.5kg) + (cost for additional 0.5kg *9) discount

(17.36) + (3.88 * 9) * 0.7 = Total Shipping Charge

Can anyone offer any help on this, paid or otherwise in order to come to some sensible logic to handle this please? Ideally taking the formula's into account and capturing the total weight to re calculate the shipping fee totally.

Any help greatly appreciated.