Shipping Rate depends on order subtotal and not order total

Hii, I have a problem on free shipping calculation as it is depending on the order subtotal.

the free shipping rule we set is order total more than 300 get free shipping and below 300 shipping rate imply.

right now the shipping rate is calculated based on the order subtotal which is not suppose to be. I want the shipping rate to calculate based on order total after all the promotion is calculated.

example scenario I wanted:
Order subtotal: 305
Cart promotion: 10%
Order total: (305 - 10%) + shipping rate (shipping rate is added because after 10% discount the total will be less than 300)

but in the current scenario, the shipping rate is not added as the order subtotal is more than 300.

Is there a solution how I can make the shipping rate based on order total? Is there any configuration that I’m missing out?

  • do respond asap, urgently need a solution for this issue