Shipping Question

Hi there,

I’m learning cs-cart as I go here so please keep that in mind.

I have my site set up for shipping for whatever dollar amount is in the customers cart starting off at say:

Cart $0 to $10.00 would cost $5.00 for shipping

Cart $10.01 to $20.00 would cost $9.00 for shipping and so on


Yesterday a shirt would cost $20.00 regular price - shipping would cost $9.00 to the customer.

Today I put that same shirt on sale for $10.00 - the shipping would then cost $5.00 to the customer.


Is there anyway to keep the shipping at the regular shipping price of $9.00 instead of dropping down the the product sale price for shipping of $5.00?


Dont know if you need this for many items but if you just need it for the odd item then in the product detail page in admin you could add a shiiping freight charge in the freight cost box of an extra $5.00 for this one product.

this owuld then charge $5.00 plus the stad $5.00 at checkout giving $10


Sorry I should have mentioned this was for several items being put on sale.

I’m losing money when I have a sale, the shipping price goes down because of the cart total, then I’m needing to pay out of pocket for the rest that I’m losing - I might as well just hand over some of these orders for free - shipping and all!

Is there a way for several items?


The only way I know you could do it is under Catalog/Products, do a bulk edit. Check all products (check mark beside each product) and choose the “Choose Action” button at the bottom of the screen. Choose “Edit Selection” and modify freight shipping that way. Seems like quite a task though.


export the products you want to offer.

Delete all columns in the csv except the shipping freight and product code then re import with the amount of shipping freight in the shipping column.