Shipping problem

My another problem,

i have make a 4 Shipping method and 1 local shipping , but when i try to checkout and choose country USA , there is no option comes for shipping and it says

“Unfortunately no shipping options are available for your location.

Please contact us and we will see about delivering to you.”

But my all options are available , how should i make a shipping option for international customer while on checkout.


Make sure all are in real-time and that both your user profile (admin) and store’s details reside within the US.

The error message is stipulating that it cannot ship outside the current areas as the country area have not been added.

Using real-time shipping will usually solve this

I can’t understand how to config the shipping method. please someone help me or please can someone tell me step by step. I want to make a shipping method one for DHL , Fedex and Pafex. :confused:

Shipping methods are incredibly complicated, and vary widely from shop to shop. Taking you through step by step would basically be impossible without a LOT more information about what you want to accomplish.

The root of your problem - USA kicking back a “no shipping options available” message probably means that USA is not set up properly within your “Destinations”. So, first, go to “Manage Destinations” within the Shipping portion of your admin menu, and make sure that USA is an available destination.

If you want a little more detailed step-by-step, you might check this out


Its a little old, but it might help.

where should i find the fedex account number , DHL ID and etc etc. Anybody have a account detail.

Uh… Your need your account number? Perhaps you might have better luck asking FedEx or DHL

There is any way that i will make a self shipping option like

DHL International - $39 per pound

Local Shipping (Pafex) - $3 per pound

my mean if i don’t want add any account number on shipping modules and make a self shipping price, so there is any way. :wink: