Shipping over 150 lbs.


I’ve exhausted my search trying to find an answer to my problem. I am currently using both UPS & USPS real time shipping. I am trying to set up a third shipping method that would be manual that would take over when the order goes over 150 lbs. instead of the checkout saying ‘no shipping method available’.

I have not been able to make this work yet and I’m wondering now if it’s even possible.

I’ve attached a picture of the settings I’m putting in.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Well, believe it or not I finally got it to work. All I did was add a rate value of $0.75 for anything over 0lbs. where before I had left this blank as you can see in the attached picture.

Anyway, it works.

This is a great work around for us. Thanks for posting it!

Right now we are offering free shipping for orders over $99 so we have seen a serious increase of bulk orders on our site the last few weeks. The problem was when people would get to the checkout with product that weighed over 150 pounds, they would get the annoying message saying that freight couldn’t be figured because we were using UPS ‘realtime’ shipping which would not allow the order to continue. Once I added the “manual” shipping method when a customer added items that weighed too much for UPS the cart would still work and use the “manual” settings! Since anything that weighs over 150 lbs is going to cost more than $99 it works perfect for us.

I know that is working on a mode to make it so we can “split a shipment” but they have been delayed. So this is a great work around until they can hopefully get it together.