Shipping Options Based On Length And Weight

I would like some advice on how to set shipping options based on product length.

Currently have 2 shipping options in the UK.

1. Standard post (parcels under 58cm length)
2. Courier (parcels over 58cm length)

Also for international orders I would like something like this:

1. Standard Airmail (up to 58cm length and maximum 1.8kg)
2. International Courier (over 58cm length and maximum 20kg)

I would like cs-cart to offer the correct shipping option when products are added. I could easily add a new feature to products and then add either option 1 or option 2 to each product. This i can do in a matter of minutes as I use a CSV file to import products. Each product has weight, length, width and height already set.

Am i going in the right direction? or is there a add-on which will do this for me?

We have not find such a module on the marketplace. If you do not find it, our team will be happy to create such a modification for you. Feel free to contact us

Note that the weight limit is default CS-Cart feature. The "Weight limit" setting can be found on the update shipping method page.

By default, any manual rate shipping method deals with weight limitation only. If you want to set a limits for lenght, the modification is required. You can contact us, so we will estimate the cost of this modification ( )

we are also at your service