Shipping Methods - Sort By Cost


When a customer calculates shipping, I would like to have the shipping methods sorted by cost. By doing so, the free shipping method would be at the top and automatically selected. Any suggestions on how to do this?

Thanks for your help.


Yes that would be great!

Or even be able to select how the shipping methods are sorted ourselves, a manual method

I can’t work out why the system choses one method over another, it’s not alphabetical (shipping name), it seems to be PRICE (COST) based?

I would really like to assign MY default method, when several are available, surely that is possible?

Quick Update … the shipping method is chosen by how you order those shipping methods listed.

Shipping/taxes > Shipping methods

The first shipping method will always be selected by default.

You can sort them from Zero, 1, 2 etc

So if you make your FREE method ZERO, it should be chosen by default at checkout.