Shipping Method Working At Cart But Not At Checkout

Hello, I got an issue with my CS-Cart eshop.

The basic shipping method I got is working at the cart page but it is not working at the checkout. Explaining further:

1. when the client is at the cart he can choose his location and the shipping methods and costs are working as needed

2. when he continues to the checkout and he changes his address town (or when he has not choose any shipping method at the cart page) the shipping method is not working

It like the CMS cant read the location change at the checkout page. I think its a bug or a conflict or something similar. It happened after adding some other plugins but disabling them does help any more.

Any clue?



Any help guys? How could I debug the site and find this issue? Can I disable the shipping in checkout maybe and make it obligatory to choose from the cart?

If there was a change in address, it could be that the address is not supported by the Destinations specified in the shipping method Rates. If the address (state, country, postal) are the same then it would require investigation on your site.

Hello and thanks for the answer, my destinations and rates are correct. I can see those working fine in the cart page.

Its like the obligatory state field change does not triggers as it shoulds.

I've had this problem and raised it too:

You are right that it doesn't seem to detect a change, and update. I've found that deleting and re-entering the fields, recalculates the rates - but it is quite unprofessional to have to describe this to customers. And this is only if they ask - never know how many just thinks shipping is not available and leave.

Hi Daimion and thanks for the answer. So you still got this problem right?

I thought that maybe re-entering states etc will help. I mean build the entire shipping procedutre at the back-end from the scratch. You tried it?

Bug reported, please upvote: