Shipping Method Won't Work Outside U.S

I’ve added a custom shipping method, but it won’t show for addresses outside the U.S.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got my Locations/Localizations set up properly, but maybe not.

The shipping rate is manual. It’s active and applied to all groups.

Any ideas?

Hello, plinkplink!

Have you set the shipping costs only for USA location of your shipping mathod?

Do you mean on the shipping charges tab? I have no cost dependencies set up. There are fields to set product cost, rate value and type. All fields for all locations are set to “Product costs more than $0 :: Rate = $0”.

I even went so far as to add another cost dependency of more than $1 = $0 rate. No avail.

Has anyone else used a manual shipping method for international? How'd you do it?

So, if no rates are set, the shipping method will not be displayed. If you want to set a free shipping method, follow the instructions here: CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Yeah, I tried that, but it's still not working. I've made some pretty heavy modifications to the way that shipping method displays at checkout and made it write some additional fields to the database. I'm sure something must've gotten screwed up in that process. I'll probably have to pay CS Cart to fix it.