Shipping Method Not In Checkout


I am running cs-cart 3.0.6 and having shipping troubles.

I have set up locations as USA with all the states and nothing else filled in. No products are marked as 'Free Shipping'. I have the company's address set up in Company and General. I have UPS 3 Day Select Shipping method activated, Access Key, UN, PW in place and when I enter a weight into the test box it returns a shipping amount. I can changed the weights and different amounts show. Test mode is not selected. Products have weights. It seems that no matter what I do no shipping methods appear at checkout, only Free Shipping. Doesn't matter if I check out as guest or I am logged in. What am I doing wrong?


Hi there, for if you have not sorted this out yet. I had a similar problem. What you should do is to configure the Customer Shipping Method. For me it worked. Good luck!


Here is what I did - a little stupid. I had Free Shipping marked for each product so no matter what I did that is what came up. I originally was going to do free shipping so had that selected when I uploaded products. I had since changed my mind and forgot that I had it selected.

Thanks for the help!