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Hi fellows,

We are experiencing a problem with the shipping method. I hope someone has the solution.

A customer from Venezuela ordered a product, but the shipping method was the UPS Ground. I checked it myself and that is the only available shipping method for a Venezuela address. Any one has any idea what is going on?

FYI. The following is the configuration of my shipping method and the Venezuela address.

Shipping methods: UPS ground, UPS 3 Day Select, UPS 2nd Day Air,

UPS 2nd Day Air AM, UPS Next Day Air Saver,

UPS Next Day Air, UPS Next Day Air Early A.M.,

UPS Ground for COD Order

States: (default - we did not change)

Australia - its 8 states

Canada - its 13 states

United States - its 55 states including Guam etc.

Venezuela - no data found

Countries: (default - we did not change)

243 countries

Locations: Default destination (all countires)

Localizations: no data found

The customer’s address is: (I have no idea about the address format of Venezuela, so I typed everything the customer typed except the name)

calle igualdad # 53 ambrosio

cabimas zulia 04013


Thanks for you help,

It doesn’t appear that you have any shipping methods setup to cater to your international customers.

For example, you might want to setup Priority Mail International as a realtime shipping method.

Thanks Struck,

I will look for the international shipping options, but how come then UPS Ground comes up as a shipping method? Since I did not set up any international shipping methods should it be nothing (unavailable)?


Hello Lekestrine,

Let’s say you were setting up a realtime shipping rate option within the USA.

Create a new shipping method, name it UPS Ground.

In the rate calculation method choose “Realtime”.

Next, for the Shipping Service setting, choose “UPS USA: Ground”

It almost appears as if you are not correctly selecting the correct Shipping Service Settings for the shipping methods you are creating.

(For Example: If you were creating a new shipping method called UPS Canada Ground, then you must choose UPS Canada: Standard as the Shipping Service, otherwise a customer requesting shipping rates located within Canada would recv the error message “No Shipping Rates Are Available to Your Location”)

I test every shipping method I setup in frontend of our site (simulating an actual customer) to be certain I have each one properly setup, this will quickly show you if there is a problem with your settings!

Good Luck! :wink:

Hi Struck,

Thanks for your elaborated help. That made me confident with what I did. Yes, I did what you said. Now I have another problem. I created a new thread for that. Please take a look at this: [url][/url]


I think I found the problem. I was confused with the Shipping Services. I thought I have add all shipping services to cover all over the countries. So I added all of them even if I am in USA.

Since I am in USA, I have to add the shipping services only named with UPS USA: *****. Now it seems working fine. Boy, the cs-cart is so confusing. :roll:

Thanks for your help, Struck.

Glad to hear that you got it sorted out & working Sweetness! :wink: