Shipping Method In Checkout Not Updating

With the most recent update to CS-Cart, shipping methods at new checkout don’t seem to be updating when a country is changed.

Previously, there used to be an overlay that said to provide delivery address, and click here to get shipping rates. This seems to have gone in the latest version.

Now, if there is a message saying shipping is unavailable, when the user changes the country, it still reflects as no shipping available, and no message to click to get shipping rates.

As an update after playing around with it more:

The only time the Shipping Methods update, is if you select the country first, then you add the address details. If you add the address first, and then choose the country at the end, the shipping methods do not update.

But this doesn't make sense, since the sequence to add an address detail is always the country at the end.

Clearly this is a bug: