Shipping method icons

Anyone know the what the point would be in adding an icon for each Shipping Method? Within each shipping method there is the option to upload an icon/image, but for what - nothing shows up on the cart pages as far as I can tell.

I uploaded the images for UPS and USPS and then made a block that shows the images as shipping methods.

Upload your images

Create a block

I didn’t want a title so I named my block:


Set the block content as “shipping methods”

I also chose not to have a wrapper

I also uploaded a credit card image as one of my shipping method images so that the shipping methods and payment methods would be in the same block.

I hope my ugly explanation has helped you,


I’m actually more confused than anything.

By “block” you mean a graphic/image?

And your code is blank, or just a period.

Ok, I’ll try to explain. Bear with me though as this is something I recently learned as well.

The first step would be to upload you images.

Then go to Design → Blocks

Click Add Block

Fill in the details and click “save”

Yes that is a period in the code block. I should have just wrote “period”, but I was just being a dummy, sorry.

Once the block is created, just drag it where you want it.

I hope I got everything. If I’m wrong I hope someone will chime in.


I knew what “Blocks” were in regards to site layout but did not realize you were using the Shipping Method images like that - in fact never looked that far down when creating other blocks to realize Shipping Method was even an option.

So many thanks for enlightening me!

Everything Brandon said… And you can also do the same thing with payment methods if you want to display credit card images for example in a Block.