Shipping From Multiple Vendors To One Customer

Hi All

I'm new to CS-Cart, and I hope you could help me. when a customer buys from multiple vendors, each vendor process his order and issue delivery for the shipping company to pick it up.

but I reached an agreement with the shipping company to handle multiple vendor to 1 customer by weight only, so it costs less on the customer if the pickups were all in one request.

however, when I was testing the software, I found that it does not give any option to do that.

Please tell me if there is a solution for this.

What shipping carrier? Is the option supported through the shipping carrier's API? Given that cs-cart doesn't do label generation by default how would a carrier know that order 123 comes from Vendors A, B & C and that those shipments are all on the same order?

As I understand it, the way shipping works in MVE is that each vendor has the products accumulated for their weight and the customer chooses at checkout which vendor shipping carrier/option to use and the price is applied to the parent order and the individual vendor orders.

Correct, but I reached an agreement with the shipping company to treat the multiple vendors to 1 customer as one. now I need to send the delivery request to Aramex as one order in order for them to calculate it as one transaction.

its similar to amazon when it gives you the option to group orders together or send them as soon as they are ready.

That's not similar to Amazon at all. If I order something fulfilled by AZ and something fulfilled by a vendor, there is NO option in AZ to ship them together because they are coming from different origins.

You would have to write a new shipping carrier module and all its pieces. You would then use the 'parent' order to determine the shipping and would have to customize to remove the shipping elements from the vendors and to put the fulfillment on the merchant.

I don't think this would be a small task.

Well I agree with you that if it was fulfilled by the vendor, but what I wrote is when its fulfilled by my website.if you think your capable to do it, please PM me

Thanks for the help anyway.

You can document your requirements and get a quote by clicking the link in my signature below. Please specify whether this is a unique sitatuon or whether it will be applied to all vendors/products on your site.

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