Shipping from closest vendor location


I understand how you can setup multiple zones and location for shipping prices, but what we require is the ability for vendors to have multiple warehouse locations which they can ship from, depending what is closest to the user.

i.e. a high level explanation of what is required:

  1. User orders several products from several vendors
  2. Vendor A has 2 locations / warehouses. East and West. With the same stock at both locations.
  3. The system must be able to tell which warehouse is closest to the user and send the stock from that location.

    Is this possible?

    The only alternative we can think of is to setup Vendors as a seperate location.

    e.g. ‘Vendor A East’ and ‘Vendor A West’.

    The problem with this solution is the same stock for the same vendor will be displayed to the user. I.e. they may see the same product twice.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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