Shipping Estimation on CheckOut Does Not Work

Hello Good People,

I found another problem after upgrading to 1.3.5-SP2 today. In SP1 I had very nice shipping estimation with choice of Arimail and EMS, but now when I indicate in admin area “Estimate shipping cost on the cart page” it shows exactly the same as before but…it actually does not give a choice of shipping (screenshot "…no choice) furthermore even if I chose another country it still comes back to one Im registered with (shipping address). It wasnt before like this. Next, when I chose even my registered shipping country and click estimate it loads and loads and loads with small “{object Object]” words over Checkout button (???) Please see attached screen shoot “…clicked”. Before it showed new price in seconds and I had a choice of shipping method, now I can only choose when box “Estimate shipping cost on the cart page” in admin area is empty but “One page checkout” is ticked.

I hope you understand what I mean. Any help is always very, very appreciated:smile:



EstimateCost clicked.jpg

Estimate Cost no choice.jpg

I had lots of problems with shipping, but just found that I was pushing the lowest update button on the page, instead of the higher one, up toward the middle of the page - which solved my problems.

Thank You for reply. I dont understand what update button, there is only one for update when you change item amount. When you click estimate, choose country there is only one way to estimate and this is "ESTIMATE" button. In 1.3.5 SP1 it worked perfect but in SP2 in some point dont. I found now that after check out and registration I can choose shipping method. before I couldnt. I still have problem with Confirmation emails after order which neither me (Admin) nor client receive and New client registration email only client receives but not me (admin). If I didnt upgrade to SP2 I would be able to start my shop LIVE but…at this moment I can`t.

I sent email to CSC team and I hope to receive reply after weekend