Shipping Estimate When Registration Is Compulsary

Hello All

We have set up CS Cart 4.0.3 with

[color=#333333]Allow shopping for unlogged customers:[/color] Hide Price and add to cart

That means every customer who sees price need to create a/c on our website and zip/postal is compulsory field

Now when all these info is there cant we have a block on each product page where the shipping charge of the item is calculated automatically based on “Shipping Freight” amount (our products have only fixed shipping freight and USD 0 amount in custom shipping method )

Any idea how to get this block



No comments ?

Dont anybody think it can be done in above condition ?

You might want to submit a ticket if you can't find it here, BUT FIRST: Google fu it before submitting ticket, I always do a search outside of cs-cart forum because this forum is a little wonky for search results.

Hope that helps.

alt team have an addon shipping estimation, i sthat any good to you?

[url=“Estimate shipping cost CS-Cart add-on”]Estimate shipping cost CS-Cart add-on