Shipping error


I manage to set up the shipping correctly,but for some odd reason that i can’t understand,after making some imports of new products,when i go to checkout page i get the following error:

Unfortunately no shipping options are available for your location.

Please contact us and we will see about delivering to you

I set the shipping options for all countries default,destinations…is everything SET PROPERLY!!!(it was working before)

Any ideas?

When you are importing the products, are you importing the correct weights? Do you have your weights set correctly (i.e. grams).

No.I didn’t import any weights,as the shipping method is based “per product” charge,as they are very light.I still got the message.

Link to the issue

i don’t know what’s going on

[quote name=‘gabrieluk’]

i don’t know what’s going on[/QUOTE]

I got the solution.You were right:p ,was all about the weight.As i imported the new products without the field “weight”,they were considered 0.But in my shipping method “Royal Mail” the values were setup to: 0.10 between 30 lbs.

Basically,Royal mail didn’t considered the 0 weight!!But now,it does!8)