Shipping Dimensions Greyed out

Hi Guys,

We are based in Australia and use the Australia Post shipping methods and recently we’ve been hit with costs higher than what our shipping methods have been calculating.

According to Australia Post staff, think this is because the additional size of the product is bumping up the weight. So I wanted to set specific dimensions for each item, and I noticed with the new version the option exists to do so, but it appears to be greyed out, as you can see from this image.

Any ideas why I can’t utilize this?

You should enter something different from zero into the “Items in a box” field, then you will be able to set up the box size.

Ahh hah, thank you very much, will this feature resolve the problem I am experiencing?

Should solve your problem and calculate correctly as long as you enter accurate details. These details are used to calculate “Dimensional Weight” which is what you are needing per Austalia Post staff.