Shipping Costs By Zip/postal Codes


Our company is using CS-Cart for over 1.5 years now but i am having problem setting up the desired shipment methods via zip/postal code.

The shipping cost within a country and even within a state can be different.

For example:
In country A we have 12 states and within those states we have different postal codes.
So it can be that some customers in the same state pay different shipping costs based on their postal code.

When i setup the rate area for these different states i did the following:

  • I set the country to the desired country
  • I added the states
  • And i added the specific postal codes

When i then check it in the checkout i get the message that their is no shipment method for this location.

When i then go back to the specific rate area and remove the added postal codes, it will then work in the checkout because of the chosen state.

But what i mentioned earlier in some states their are different shipping costs because of postal code.

Is their anybody who can help me with this ?

How do you add postcodes? Each code should be on the separate line


Yes i put al the postcodes on the seperate line.

Examination is required. May be someone else faced such issue and will add an answer here

Hello there, I have the same problem … I have placed the post codes in my rate area for different states, bu can not see the shipping methods… Although, if I refresh the checkout page everything is working. I used to have states in order to calculate the shipping methods and when I change to a different one, there was an ajax request… How could I do this ajax request with the zip code field? thanks for your time, any ideas would be appreceated

Nevermind, I fould a way via plug-in’s option! And works like changing the shipping methods! thanks anyway for your time