Shipping cost to go to admin not vendor

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how do I configure the shipping such that the cost doesnt go to the vendor but to admin?


I am afraid, out of the box you can only enable/disable commissions for shipping cost (in the Vendor plan addon settings)

Please check, this might help you ā†’ Order Fulfillment by Marketplace ā€” CS-Cart 4.16.x documentation

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Please let me know what you end up figuring out. We are looking to do this as well.

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Why not create a default shipping method with pre-assigned rates and cost. If a vendor chooses to use that, then you deduct the shipping cost in their payout withdraw?
Example product A costs $50
Default shipping $10
Commission 25%
Admin gets 25% + $10 in that particular order.
If I am not delivering the orders myself, Iā€™d make sure the default shipping has proper shipping arrangement on the ground. Example easy and quick notifications to the partner carrier to collect the order for delivery.

I am unsure what @neha_07 is looking for but we would like it to be automatic. For example, we use Stripe Connect and would like the shipping cost to go to the admin and not the vendor for every purchase.

How could you do this automatically or how would this be set up in CS Cart? We are using Stripe Connect

Same here! We are also using something similar to stripe and they payment usually gets split automatically

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Configure shipping so admin, not vendor, receives costs. Redirect payments to admin to streamline financial process.

How can this be done?

The add-on Order Fulfillment by Marketplace mentioned by @hungryweb is the only way available out of the box.

The only issue with this add-on is that it gets rid of in-store pickup and changes the Ship From location.