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Im happy owner of CSC. Slowly making my shop I find many issues which I have no idea about. Many of them were resolved through this great community forum or CSC Support. Next what came up to my attention is shipping cost when someone buys many goods. Lets say this way; client purchase one product and pay for shipping US$2. This was easy. Now next client buy a few products, goes to check out and…right a client probably get shipping rate for each product separate what would make too expensive overall. Is there any solution?

I was thinking to add shipping cost and sell as “Free Shipping” , this can be simple, but I want to give an option to send by EMS, then cliet will need to click shipping by EMS and all would be recalculated with EMS added.

What solutions are there in your shops?

I will sell mostly to overseas customers

Thank You for any help


You can structure your shipping charges in a variety of ways using weight, number of items or value as the determinant for calculating the charge. You can also use per item charges. You can also combine these options, for instance, charging a base shipping amount per order and adding an additional a small additional charge for each item shipped. You also have the option of building the shipping charge into each product and offering free shipping.

We primarily calculate shipping based on weight using realtime shipping calculators with discounts based on order total value.


Bob great and very clear answer. THANK YOUUU:)

I`m setting up EMS according to weight. Will this calculate for me automatically?

How do you set up all these?

I like this idea:

one more question.

How do you add own shipping method. I wont use any of mod already built in, because Im in Japan, therefore all of these mods boxes are empty (not “ticked”)

go to admin, shipping, create a custom shipping and configure it according to your needs.

You can only use realtime shipping for the carriers that CS-Cart supports (they are listed in the Admin->Shipping settings).

What you can do is create a new shipping method and, for each destination, create a table of rates under the “Weight dependencies” section. It can be time-consuming but will give you pretty granular control based on either weight or total order value.


techman thank you for your help. I will follow your advice.

jobosales, I just started to do this yesterday. Yes it will takes time, but its worth it. EMS prices on Japanese Post are [U]up to[/U], but in CS-Cart is [U]from[/U], but I figured out this I guess.
I decided to include shipping by Airmail in the price "Free Shipping" and create tables of rates for EMS. After all I may get what I want, I mean if someone don
t chose EMS as shipping it will be “FREE”:slight_smile:

Thank You Very Much:p


I set EMS from Japan by weight, and prices have already shipping included (by Airmail), so we have “Free Shipping” Unfortunately, during check out test NO SHIPPING METHOD was available. I want to have EMS as option if someone want to speed up delivery. How can I make EMS appears before “Place Order” so client can have choice by tick a box and then shipping will be recalculated according to weight I set up in “Shipping Method”

Thank You for help;)

In Shipping Methods, make sure that you have set up the table rates for the proper destination - each table is tied to a specific destination.

Also, you must have a weight assigned to all your products if you will be using a weight-based shipping method. If any of the purchased product weights is 0, the shipping calculator will not work.


jobosales thank you for your reply. :slight_smile: Please find attached .gif with my Shipping Method page in admin. This is what Ive done according to Japanese Post website. Each Zone have own weight and price, but it doesnt show up at check out. Can you see there anything wrong? Maybe I should change something.

It seems this GIF is too small, but couldn`t load bigger.

I look forward to hearing from you or others who can help. Thank You;)


The screen shot was not really large or clear enough to read.

There are two points you need to consider:

  1. Is there a rate table set up for the order destination? I see you have several destinations and you will need to have a rate table set up for each destination that you want this shipping method available.

  2. Is there a weight assigned on each product in Manage products? As I recall, the cart expects that all products have a weight greater than zero when doing a weight-based shipping calculation.


Hello Bob:D

Thank you for your quick answer. Im sorry for not good pic, but this is what I was able to put. Bigger files are not allowed. Let me write what Ive exactly done.

  1. Admin → Shipping Methods → Added EMS Japan → Edit → Destinations (Asia, Europe etc.)
  2. Shipping Property

    Weight Limit from 0.10kg to 10kg


    [COLOR=“Red”](Test does not work[/COLOR])

    Under each destinations ->weight dependences section only → Product weight "more Than “0” 3Euro Per KG box not ticked

    "more than 0.10 4Euro II

    and so on.

    Manage Products → All have weight about 0.100kg; 0.200kg

    Shipping Setting → All boxes empty, not “ticked”

    There is not possible to add anything else.

    EMS does not show up at check out. Payment method only.

    I hope you understand what I mean.

    Thank You again for your help


I just figured out something. In Manage Products I had box “Free Shipping” ticked.

Once I made empty EMS appeared at check out, but…not as an option, only must use :cry: It worked great, but this is not what I want to. How can I have Free Shipping included and have only EMS as option not necessity? People are happy to have “Free Shipping”, though is not really free, but it feels good not to pay (see) additional cost. I know from own experience when I do shoppings online.

If there is not any solution I`m afraid I will have to add 2 more options in Shipping Method and write a list again:-?

Is there any solution?

Thank You Everyone in advance


I spent some time to add new shipping method and destinations. As you can see on very small but visible picture I ticked boxes for Airmail and EMS. On another two pictures we can see Airmail and EMS Japan destinations with “+” marks indicating setting, which is according to weight. Now what I get is either EMS or Airmail as shipping, not both. When I unmark in admin all boxes with destination countries assigned to EMS, then in the cart only Airmail shows up, but EMS is again gone . :cry: See picture 4 (Cart) and 5 (check out) drop down menu. In this case EMS overrides Airmail which is gone. This happens when all destionation boxes are market [v]

What do I do wrong? Why is either EMS or Airmail and both are not available though I mark boxes as AVAILABLE? Is this anything to do with destinations which are slightly different but overrides each other in some case?

Thanks again for any help.






It is hard to say what the problem is - your entries appear to be correct. Since both shipping methods are set up the same except for shipping rates, both should be working. I can only confirm that I get a choice of multiple shippers (2 manual and 1 realtime) in my v1.3.5-sp1 install.

You should check your destinations (in Manage destinations) to make sure there is no overlap since this is known to cause problems.


Bob Thank You A lot for coming back with help. I very appreciate it;)

You write:

[quote]You should check your destinations (in Manage destinations) to make sure there is no overlap since this is known to cause problems.[/quote]

What do you mean by overlap? Please see other shots. First is with destinations list. All marked. Other two are with countries list. As example there is Asia for EMS and Asia, Overseas Territories of USA, Palau, and others for Airmail The names are from Japan Post. Now as you can see Malaysia, Maldives are in both destinations countries list. These are one of many repeated countries.

Do you think this may cause the problem?

If yes, how do I go around of this?

Names of destinations are from Japan Post as I mentioned above, and they are a little bit differ from each another.

Thank You again Bob


P.S. Thank you regarding logo too. I will try your advice.




You should put each country into only one destination. It really does not matter which destination you place them in. I would likely set up the “Asia” destination with all Asian countries except the US Overseas Territories. I would put only the US Overseas Territories into the other destination.

There are a number of threads on the forum which discuss problems when a country is in more than one destination. To be honest, I would think that it would only cause a problem for orders with a duplicated country as a shipping address. Do any of the orders you referenced as problems have shipping addresses which have a country in more than one destination?


Bob thank you a lot again:p

I was thinking of putting all countries into one destination, but first thought was “it won`t cooperate”. What I mean is, instead of adding new destination I could just add Shipping method Airmail and then put countries to already ready destinations used with EMS. Does this make sense?

Thanks again

Bob I got there. I have what I wanted !!! Thanks to you:p :wink: I put countries into one destination under new Shipping Method “AIRMAIL”. Now it shows both choices at check out. (see pic) Another big challenge will be to add (match) all new countries from both EMS and Airmail, so there wont be overlap.

Thank YOU A LOT.

I wrote to Support yesterday but they don
t seem to reply. If not this forum I would be stuck. Great people :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you Bob for being with me all this time.


Glad to hear that you have it working.

As far as setting up additional countries for EMS and Airmail, you need only add the country to a single destination. As long as that destination has rates a particular shipping method, the shipping calculator will work.

To me, the way to think of destinations is that they specify what business processes are required (e.g., you need to collect taxes or you charge extra because of some export requirement). Once they are set up, you can reuse them for whatever shipping methods you choose.