Shipping configuration

When setting up shipping methods, there does not seem to be a way to relate a product to specific shipping methods.

I.e. I have USPS Priority Mail with Flat-rate box, UPS 3 day select and UPS ground as the shipping methods I want the user to see for any product.

If I sell tee shirts and TV’s, I certainly don’t want the TV customer to order it using flat-rate box as the shipping method.

How are individual products correctly related to valid shipping methods for those products?

It seems that the cart only uses the defined shipping method in the ‘shipping settings’ tab for that shipment type (if none then it uses weight/address only).

Anyone feel like putting together a quick tutorial on how to correctly configure products with related shipping methods?

You probably want to set a weight limit for the flat rate box so the cart doesn’t display the option above certain weight.

For example you sell a TV, the weight is set at 35 lbs shipped for the item. As long as you have the flat-rate box in the shipping section set to 0.00 lbs~34.99lbs than if a customer orders TV + t-shirt than the flat-rate box option will not be displayed.