Shipping challenges

I have been searching the forums and generic internet for a solution to this issue and can’t find anything that works.

We are using a mix of drop-shipping and internal inventory for our on-line store. Some of the products we carry from our drop shippers have specific shipping charges, i.e. product 123 has a flat shipping fee of $25. But the rest of their products go through standard real time shipping.

I can’t figure out how to set this up in v2.0.15. I updated the freight charges field for that product 123 with the shipping amount of $25. Then I created an order that included only that product, went to the shopping cart and estimated the shipping. The resulting shipping charges was $32.64.

Another issue with drop shippers is a per order drop ship fee. I would like to pass that on as a handling fee added to the shipping on each order. Since this is a VERY standard process with drop shippers I was quite surprised that a drop ship fee was not included in the suppliers addon. So I need to be able set up a handling fee for SOME suppliers that would be included in the shipping charges.

I want it to be totally transparent to my customers. It just calculates a total shipping automatically from the products that have realtime calculations, the products that have fixed shipping amounts and any handling fees that apply.

Is this possible in the current version of CS-Cart? Or should I start digging into the code and figure out how to make it happen?

This is actually pretty simple to do. You need to enable the Suppliers addon and create a supplier in Users->Suppliers. For each product that you want shipped from that Supplier, you need to set that product to use the Supplier you in Catalogs->Products->(select a product)->Addons.

For shipping, when you set up a ship method, you can set that ship method to use a supplier. Set the Rate Calculation to manual and click on the Shipping Charges tab. Here you can set a ship rate of $25 by following the free shipping KB article and replacing the 0 dollar amount with $25 ( You can also set a handling fee per item or per order using the Item Dependencies and setting the rate value to $3 absolute for more than 0 item(s). Use the “per item” checkbox to do this for every item, leave it blank for per order.

When a customer orders a product from that supplier, CSC will see that the product has been assigned to a supplier and use the shipping method you set up to calculate the shipping. If the item isn’t assigned to a supplier, CSC will look for other ship rates to use. We use this all the time and it works really well.