Shipping Calulator


I noticed in previous versions of cs-cart a block that you could calculate the shipping rates before you complete your order, as a block I would say..

I am using version 4.3.5, and I would like to know if there is something similar to this. For example, inside page of checkout with the four steps, to add a block of the right sidebar, that would say calculate shipping rates in order to user know how to pay! There is exactly what I need in the cart page, if I click on "Change" link option and pop-ups a window that could select State, region, Postal Code and click on calculate!

Is there something like this? Could I use the shipping_rates.tpl file to a hook-block to accomplished that?

thanks in advance!

Aah got it! there is exactly what I am looking for, in blocks: Add Block --> Create New Block --> Template (Block with a particular Template) and choose the right one!