Shipping By Weight - Please Help

Having an issue figuring out weight dependency. So, I created a new shipping method - Ukrainian Post. There I'm trying to do Weight dependencies.

Say the first LB/KG is $19 to ship

Every LB/KG after that is $2 more

So how would it look here, I just can't figure it out.


Sorry Deleted post as my logic got lost in typing. Will re think and post again.



The only way I can see it will work is as below (no tick in per LB box)

More than 0 = 19

More than 1 = 21

More than 2 = 23

More than 3 = 25 and so on.

Sorry about delay


We can offer you to use both cost and weight dependences. E.g.


More than $0 - $19


More than 0 - $0

More than 2 - $2 per lbs

Thank you, worked great!

You are welcome!