Shipping, again

OK, i’ve searched and read a lot of posts around shipping.

My cart works great if there is only one item in there.

if there is more than one, it adds all the delivery charges together ! e.g £55 for delivery !

I have a delivery price on each item, but, I’d like to offer say, if there are 3 items in the cart or more, shipping turns into a flat £8.

i have played with the dependencies but this seems to only ADD to the total cost of delivery.

Any ideas ?

I would’ve thought a cart costing this amount of money would be able to handle this…I know of free carts that can.

You have followed the procedures outlined here?

Knowledge Base

Judging from your question you have put Shipping costs (freight?) on each individual item in product details, and you are using manual shipping method?

thank you, that proved most useful.

Looks like I’m going to have to go through all 400+ products and put the weight in !