shipping address same as billing address

Hi. To make the checkout proceedure easier for the customer there hould be some way to allow the customer to input the shipping address with a simple check box if the shipping info is exactly the same as the billing info. Is there already a way to do this that I am Milssing.

Thanks for your input.

What version are you running? Using Billing for Shipping is the default (at least in the one-page checkout).

I am using 2.1.4. What am I not seeing? Thanks.

tbirnseth-I am using version 2.1.4 and also using 1 page checkout. I tried setting “billing address” first and alternately used “shipping address” first. there is no indication that the billing address is the default for shipping. On the “users/cart” settings there is no where to set up a default. Thanks again, I appreciate the quick response.

There should be a little checkbox that let's users select if they'd like to use their billing address as shipping address. This is already checked by default.

PM me your url or post it here and i'll have a look.

Sorry, I'm not really sure.

Do you allow annonymous checkout?

I “think” that if you do not use anonymous checkout that what a customer sees in checkout depends on how they setup their profile. I.e. when a new user is created on my system, there is a checkbox that says to use billing as shipping. I'm guesing that is inherited into the checkout process for registered users.

If you do allow anonymous checkout and you use single-page checkout I “think” the user will see the box indicating to use billing for shipping which should be checked by default.

Ok now I went to profile and added a field that reads “billing address/shipping address”. So now there is a box at the shipping address for the customer (anonymous or not) to check if the shippiing address is the same as the billing address. However when I try to continue all of the fields for shipping address light up and ask for imput. So How do I connect the check box to the address fields.

hi Flow- my url is


You shouldn't have had to add anything to the profile. What you did won't work since there's no underlying logic for your custom field.

If there is no underlying object for this field, why is it available to add to the profiles? See the add profile page.See attached screen shot.

You can add anything you want to a profile as a custom field. But it's just data.

No screenshot attached to your message.

ok. Here is the screen shot for whatever it is worth. As you can see the option is there to be selected. If the customer has to input the shipping address anyway I don,t see why it is there. Maybe there is something missing from my cart if two of you are saying that there is something automatic in your versions. Do you think so?

Hi again. Actually adding the profile field for billing address as shipping address does work. I had to uncheck the “required” boxes for the shipping address fields. When the check out page is reached there is a note that “the order will be shipped to the billing address” It turns out that if I didnt mark all the shipping address fields as “required” everything would have worked ok. However I still like having that box for the customer. Thanks for your help