Ship from multiple warehouses feature has 170 votes since 2010

I wonder if this means that its going to get implemented in CS-Cart 3.x

There clearly is a lot of demand for shipping from multiple warehouses.

Does Simbirsk acknowledge the voting system or is putting things in UserVoice a futile exercise?

What does Simbirsk staff think about this feature?

Hello P-Pharma,

Thank you for your message.

I want to assure you that our engineers have already been informed about this feature request and they are thinking of the best way to implement it in CS-Cart. However this feature has a lower priority than some other feature requests, so we are not planning to include it in the nearest CS-Cart releases yet.

Thank you for understanding.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

Hi Pavel, thank you for the information.

I am wondering about the announcement kmolchanov just posted that this function is going to be in 3.1:

Put Suppliers functionality back into Ultimate

[quote name='kmolchanov' timestamp='1359445733' post='153893']

I would like to re-assure you that the Suppliers functionality is really under development, it is planned to be included in CS-Cart 3.1.1.


This suppliers functionality includes shipping from multiple warehouses/drop shippers/shipping methods per product. From the feature request:

[quote]Most larger online retailers make use of at least some drop shippers, and the drop shippers have different shipping methods and costs. These have to be able to be assigned by product, and the supplier functionality made this possible. We aren't talking about providing supplier/vendor logins (like the multi-vendor edition), just the ability to use different shipping methods (including flat rates as well as real time rates) based on different products that are grouped by supplier, JUST LIKE Pro 2.x had. [/quote]

Drop shippers ship from different warehouses, with different shipping methods.

So is shipping from different warehouses indeed coming in 3.1 or am I missing something here?

Hello P-Pharma,

Thank you for your message.

If we are talking about the Put suppliers functionality back into Ultimate Edition UserVoice idea, here we are planning to add the Suppliers feature to CS-Cart Ultimate Edition. It will function in the same way as in CS-Cart Professional Edition. Unfortunately, it is not the same as described here:


We are thinking of adding this idea as a separate feature in the future.

Thank you.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

Regarding: http://cscart.uservo…tiple-warehouse multiple warehouse functionality.

As a stating point, and possibly easier to implement, It would be good to be able to assign two suppliers to each product in an order of priority.

  1. Supplier is assigned to each product as per standard operation.

    The “Supplier” selection box becomes named “First Supplier”
  2. Additional Selection Box for “Second Supplier”.

    When customer checks out the software will decide which supplier will be used for each product for each order.

    This is best decribed by examples.:

    Example 1

    Product A: First: Shop , Second: Supplier_A.

    Product B: First: Shop , Second: Shop

    Product C: First: Supplier_B , Second: Supplier_A

    The cscart software will calculate in checkout as follows depending on which product a customer orders.

    When customer orders:

    1x Product A and 1x Product B => all items will be shipped by Shop Company.

    When order is:

    1x Product A and 1x Product C => all items would be shipped by Supplier_A.

    When order is:

    1x Product B and 1x Product C => Product B is shipped by Shop, Product C shipped by Supplier_B.

    When order is:

    4x Product A and 4x Product B and 4x Product C

    => Product A is shipped by Shop, Product B is shipped by Shop and Product C is shipped by Supplier B.

    This would save the customer the cost of 2 shipping costs and produce less abandoned carts. And save the Shop from stocking/shipping small demand items.

    I'm wondering if there isn't already an addon for this ?