Sharing Modification Costs

I’m not sure if this a common or accepted practice but I thought Id ask anyway.

Have store owners ever shared the costs of having the techs at CS Cart custom code things?



Yup, snorocket does this over at his site for addons suggested by his forum members. [url][/url]

OK. There are (2) mods that we’re looking at getting coded and I wanted to see if there was any interest in anybody sharing.

Do we post them over there or is that strictly for mods that he comes up with?

It would be best to most your ideas both here and over there. By doing that you will get double the exposure and hopefully more people interested.

Snorockets site would probably be best to “seal the deal”. Basically if you can get interest I am sure that he could post a way for people to donate to your mod that way people can see the progress and know what is going on.


They aren’t huge mods. One is a minimum order value for wholesale orders and the other is a shipping modification for oversized items. We have a 9lb. item that ships in a box 22" x 24" x 5" and USPS considers that be oversize.

The quotes I’ve been getting back from CSCart are specifying what skin the mod will be made for.

If I want to share the costs, will this be an issue? Would the end user just have to install the modified code into the proper place in their skin directory?


send me a PM with exactly what the addons or mods are for and I’ll see if the club is interested in helping with the development costs, I don’t know what the mods are yet but it’s possible we can just do them in-house and in half the time it would take cs to do them - sno