Share On Whatsapp

can someone help me with this.

Creating a share to whatsapp addon

i have found this and integrated it to products using html block but is not pretty.

can anyone help me integrate this in product tpl so users can share product directly to whatsapp

"but in a pretty way"


may be one of the following solutions can help you

your solution asks for my VISA CARD :grin:

i just have opened the store so your solution can wait untill i start earning .

Thanks for letting me know there is a marketplace for cs cart :mrgreen:

So try

- enable My changes module

- create the design/themes/responsive/templates/addons/my_changes/hooks/products/ file

- put your code there

- check the following thread how to add css with the My changes module

- add CSS

- clear cache

- check the result


You can try and insert the code on product page, we are using that for sample see this page

Thank you

thank you i managed to add it in a pretty way now.