Shakes (Blinks) After Any Internal Link Clicking In Chrome

CS-Cart 4.3.10.

Somehow it shakes all the blocks and menus once time per click in Chrome.

On firefox and IE it is ok. I tried it on different machines (linux and windows - the result is the same). But when you use Theme editor everything's fine. As an example you can see it in cs-cart demo site

Use Chrome or Chromium. Put your eyes at search bar, click any link, you will see the text on search bar blinks one time. And if you use Firefox now it (the text on search bar) will not blink. So i have all blocks on my website blinking. Very annoying thing for website clients.

Could anyone help where to search the problem?

Thank you.

Looks ok for me in Chrome. Did you try to check issue in Chrome on other computer?