Shade Sales Requires Option Dependencies - Any ideas

We sell roller shades sizes from 20" to 144" wide and 20" to 144" h. The size increments are in 1/16" so there are lots of possible combinations. I would like to create select boxes for the size and width separately and have the code compare the data and pull up the correct price for the customer.

Here is a link to a store doing somethig similar and it is quite common in the industry.


I have looked at the standard options and option combinations but nothing seems to work. Option combinations would seem to work if you could put assign a cost to the combination but CS Cart does not seem to allow that.

Does anyone have any ideas?



it a bit of work but you can add option modifiers to all your options. there is a thread on here that allows import of these. Or perhaps you could use the product configurator.



Thanks for the advice. I do have the options price modifier import loaded that you donated to the forum. That is a priceless addon and I use it extensively but it does not solve my problem. The product configurator won't work for my application nor will option combinations. The matrix of prices available for shade sizes is quite extensive and not logical so it really needs to be custom solution designed for the product or a similar product.

CS Cart support has looked at my request and has confirmed that the program will not do what I want out of the box and it needs an addon generated for it. They are currently looking at my request and I hope to get a quote from them sometime next week. I have also contacted alt-team to see if they can create an addon but no response from them thus far.

Anyhow, thanks for the suggestions.


[indent=1]You could introduce some Javascript that will look at the value of the option selections and compute the price based on what you want anytime one of those selectors is changed. [/indent]

[indent=1]The trouble is that the way pricing info is managed internally in the cart keeps changing so doing things with Javascript have high likelihood of having to be redone at the next upgrade.[/indent]

The problem really is that the calculations are not possible. It is not a simple cost per square foot calculation unfortunately.

After continued thought on this it seems the only way to realistically do this is to create a product with a cost matrix associated with it and then run some formulas off the options to pull the cost from the matrix.

The problem with Option Combinations with price will be that there will be 1.1 million combinations of width and height based on us using 1/16" increments in size for width and 1/4" increments for size in height. Even if we could import option combinations with pricing it may not be realistic.

There has to be a fairly simple way to do this. Almost all of the window treament websites use the select boxes to get a width x height price.

I tried to attach a file with a sample price matrix but was not successful. Here is a link to the file that shows a sample matrix with a snazzy excel formula to pull the price from the matrix.