Setup Internation Shipping USA to European Nation

I am trying to figure out how to configure CS-Cart to have real time shipping quotes for those who want to ship from USA to Europe. I am using Fedex as my shipping partner. What I done so far is add Fedex international priority and included United Kingdom as a locality that I ship to.

Can anyone give me a step by step way that set this up that is using Fedex.

My site is


On the shipping method “General Page”, set Rate Calculation = Realtime

You do not use “Locations” when setting up Realtime calculated shipping methods.

If the realtime shipping method is not available to a particular customer destination, country, etc, then Fedex will simply not return this option to your customer, if they do offer it to the destination, then the rates will be returned. :wink:

Yes, I already had real time quotes checked. I just can’t seem to get anything in Europe to return. Neither can I get the Virgin Islands to return anything. If something is shipping to Europe and using Fedex what setting are you using?

[QUOTE]included United Kingdom as a locality that I ship to. [/QUOTE]

Try changing the Country to Great Britain & see if the rates are returned.

Within your Countries List, verify that your Country Code = GB

Also, while you are testing, try setting up a different Fedex international shipping service as well to see if you can get any rates returned, for example, fedex may not offer that exact service to that destination, although will offer a different time in transit based service to this location. (we are now using UPS for our intl shipments so i cannot verify any fedex intl services for you at this time.

Thanks for the info. I did finally get Virgin Islands to work yesterday. But I am still trying to get UK to work. I will try to change the country code to see what that does.