Settings for Custom Block

Hi, I've created a custom block. Is there a way to create your own Block Options that one could edit in the block manager (you know… the sprocket icon in the block manager)?


Bump. This needs to be addressed.

I, too, have created numerous blocks but am unable to find anywhere to define the settings.


[color=#555555][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=1]Block manager objects and behavior are defined in 6 files:[/size][/font][/color][list]

[]block_cache_properties.php - Global update handlers for block cache.

]dispatch_descriptions.php - Dispatch list with the respective language variables. Used solely for list generating for the Dispatch field during location adding/editing.

[]blocks.php - Main block scheme.

]dynamic_objects.php - Dynamic objects descriptions.

[]fillings.php - Additional parameters for fillings.

]templates.php - Additional parameters for templates.


Example: product_scroller.tpl 's setting can be found in /schemas/block_manager/templates.php