Setting up store behind the scenes

I’m sorry if this is a dumb question, but how do you set up a store “behind the scenes” while your current store functions as usual? We have a site that currently uses a different cart but want to change to cs-cart. However, we don’t want the new cart overwriting the index.html page, etc. and messing with the current site. Am I just having a blonde moment? :-?

Install it into a directory called “cscart” or something, and access it like [url][/url]

As Argetice mentioned however make sure that there are no .htaccess conflicts with the cs-cart installations. For instance I have huge problems with drupal being on the same domain

Thanks for your replies. I appreciate your input.

If the cart is installed to a different directory, it then has to run in that directory, right? Or can I, once it’s ready, switch it to the root directory?

The reason I ask is that when custom urls arrive (isn’t this in the current beta version?), I was hoping to name the cart pages the same as my current product pages since they are already ranking in Google. I was hoping to just have the cart replace the physical page for the dynamic page. Does that make sense?

My goal is to switch to the new cart with as little effect on my current page rankings as possible. (I’ve used the same cart since creating my site.)

Thanks again!