Setting Up Quantity Discounts

Hello everyone! I'm he partner of Mungotedo's webmaster !

He's more into ICT than I am… but I am the mastermind behind the administration and … of course quantity discounts.

Setting up a new store manually by copying from a totally different script is quite the challenge!

Currently things go like this

1 parameters for quantity discounts are set up in Excel that determine for each product when it is discount depending on profit and amount in stock.

2 store-wide discount is set up : 2 or more : 0.50 , 3 = 1.50 4 = 2 ,5 = 2.5 , 6 =3 , 8 = 4 , 10 = 5 , 12 = 6.

3 products are added or removed to each discount on product page where all discounts are visible . Product-only discount was also possible but not used.

I do not understand how cs-cart discounts work?

Store-wide or 1 for each product?

Seeing both actuly , but store-wide ask for conditions in a language I don't 'get'… all I want is the exact copy of what I have.

Please help out this newbie!

PS: we have 4.1.5

dont fully understand wht you mean but if you are asking about how to import discounts then this may help

Importing discount won't be possible as current system is a US-based one : CF Webstore (based on ColdFusion).

There are not so many that it is important, just want to set them up the exact same way and the store is like 90% different in how it operates.

Anyhow atm I'm just starting out, so perhaps things will sort themselves out once all products are entered (manually)