Setting Up Payment Sense Gateway - Asks Me To Edit Db With This - Help

Hi guys.

Setting up Payment Sense as a gateway for one of my customers websites

It says I need to edit the database.

This is from the file they send

Copy below this line into your sql cscart database.
REPLACE INTO cscart_payment_processors (processor_id, processor, processor_script, processor_template, admin_template, callback, type)
values ('1000', 'PaymentSense', 'paymentsense_hosted.php', 'views/orders/components/payments/cc_outside.tpl', 'paymentsense_hosted.tpl', 'N', 'P');
I don't mess with databases much and don't really know where to start. I don't even have -cscart_payment_processors - in my DB. Is that because no payment processors are setup yet?


You should have these 3 tables absolutely.




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- create test.sql file and put mentioned SQL query to the file

- go to Administration -> Backup/Restore page

- click on the Gear -> Upload file

- upload the file and restore it