Setting up greeting cards

In our current cart we have ~10 cards that are offered at checkout. How can I emulate this in CS Cart. There will be 4 different prices depending on the user group. When the order is placed I need to be able to access all of a given days card requests and which order number it is related to. Which tables for that? Our solution was to put a checkbox for requesting that you wanted a card and a radio button under each card image and store the chosen one. If checkbox was not on they didn’t request it. It would also allow them to type a message of 200 chars that would be stored for batch color print later. I just need an idea of how to do the things that pertain to CS Cart. The system is already in place in another cart so I just need to convert the code to read the data from CS. How do I set the product up and how do I get to all this data after the order is placed.