Setting Up Email

I’m trying to get my email set up so I can create an address such as

I went to Settings>Emails but that’s about it! Not really sure what to choose for “Method of sending emails”. Also, the STMP fields have me baffled.

I tried the knowledge base but came up empty. I hate to be asking questions which must seem downright inane to many here, but I could use a hand :?



You need to create the e-mail address in your hosts control panel. Most hosts with an ounce of credibility won't allow PHP mail, so you will need to get the SMTP details from your host.

Once you have set up your email account, add it to Settings>Emails.

Simples…if you know how.

OMG!! It actually worked! :mrgreen: There may be hope yet!


Good luck! I look forward to seeing the finished article.