setting block disable for --> enable for and categories

hello cs-cart user's

how are u.

i want make some block then i want apply for HTML block.

i have 2000 categories all for by brand names.

so they has own size chart.

so i want make size chart with html block —here is no problem

so i made product tab and edit

but there are no option to setting.

how can i make CHANGE 1------ DISABLE FOR —> ENABLE FOR ?

2------how can i change +add product —> + add categories (to apply sub all product of categories)

please help me


Hello cncinc!

It is not a very easy change. And why to change the standard functionality if it allows to do what you want?

When you create a tab, it gets enabled for all products. You can easily disable it for products that you don't need.

By clicking on Add product link, you can use a Search form to search for a necessary category and click just one checkbox to choose all products from this category. Everything is rather fast and simple.

Best regards, Alt-team

Yep, Alt-Team is correct. Another way to do it is to disable it in design => blocks and then only enable it on certain products. This way it is disabled by default and only enabled on the products you want it enabled on.



OK i understand i think you are right.

actually i want make size chart. but i apply some categoris. cuz i have divided category by brand.

so they own size chart. so i make some 30 product tab and apply each brand size chart.

do you have a best way?

like product feature? or else. if you know that can you tell me detail how to do it?

----we have 70,000 product and 450 brand…

it will be very good help for me


I have the same problem.

Enable/disable block for products is not a good solution because if you add new products often it requres to update the block settings every time. Possibility to enable/disable Categories for a block could be a great feature.

Please advice how to, if at all possible.

We can perform such a modification for you. If you are interested, feel free to contact us

With our new addon administrators can enable/disable blocks and tabs on the product details page for required categories

If you have any questions, please let me know


kindly how to disable this icons bar for customers or visitors to block edit ??? please help , i am out of credit on help desk , and they will not give me a help hand (too bad) and i can't find it in CS-Cart docs. or even over the net.