Set Up Tax So That It Does Not Depend On Either Shipping Or Billing Address

My site sells to the uk market only and all customers have to pay the tax Vat on all products sold.

Is there away for the tax Vat numerical value to be added to all products and displayed without a customer registering either the shipping or billing address?

Dear Swifty,

If you want the tax is displayed for unregistered customers, please go to Settings → Appearance.

Find [color=#333333]Estimate taxes using default address on cart/checkout pages: [/color][color=#333333]field. [/color][color=#333333][font=Arial][size=3]If selected, customers whose addresses are not registered in the database will see taxes calculated according to the default address.[/size][/font][/color]

[font=“Verdana”][color=“#333333”][size=3]Best regards, Alt-team.[/size][/color][/font]

Thanks Al-Team

I did what you suggested but the tax is only added to a product price and displayed to an unregistered customer if i set the default State to Aberdeen. What i require is for the default address “State” field box to display “Select State” this forces the customer to select their state. I also require the tax to be displayed in the product price without the customer registering?

I only sell to UK customers with one tax set for all products so my site does not need to know the customers address for the tax to be added to a product price.

Any further advice appreciated.

Dear Swifty,

Unfortunately, there is no way to make it with the help of CS-Cart standard methods.

The code modification is required here.

Please check PM, we have sent you the price.

Best regards, Alt-team.