Set up Google Ads Conversion Tags

Hello, how are you?
I need help, I’m quite lost when it comes to conversion tracking.
I need clarification on the following questions below to know how to proceed and quickly get the store up and running.

  1. Do I install Google Tag Manager only as an addon, or is it possible to install it directly into the code?
  2. Facebook Pixel, do I install it only as an addon or is there a free way?
  3. Google Ads, is the installation and configuration of dynamic remarketing only through an addon or is there a free way?

I know that many are interested in selling their add-ons in the comments, but I just need to answer these 3 questions above precisely and then buy the add-ons that are needed.


Since there is a default add-on of the same name for the Facebook Pixel, I recommend that you use it. For all others, you can use the method described in the documentation:

We have addon which can help you with all points