Set Up 'account Customers' Who Can Skip Payment

Hi all,

I have an old CS Cart website which I inherited and it has a feature that allows me to set up customers as Account Holders rather than the generic Customers. Customers must all pay at checkout but Account Holders are invoiced at the end of the month. Account Holders add items to baskets, as usual, but they can 'skip payment'.

I am working on my new website with the latest version of CS Cart. I had assumed this was a standard CS Cart feature rather than bespoke but I can't seem to see it anywhere. All the searches for Skip Payment lead to people who want to get rid of it rather than adding it for certain users.

Does anyone know if this is a standard feature on CS Cart?

The "Skip payment" checkbox is available only if the "Act on behalf of" feature is used in the admin panel

Unfortunately, you cannot enable/ disable this functionality for specific customer accounts

Apologies if my first post wasn't clear. It isn't me that wants to "skip payment", I want to set up some customers with this facility. These customers, rather than paying up front, will pay on account. At the end of every month, I will search for all orders 'on account' and raise an invoice.

My current, very old version, does this at the moment. There is a User Group called Account Holder. If I go into a customer profile from the Admin system, I can 'activate' this user group. In doing so, the customer can place the order themselves and 'skip payment' at the checkout page.

I had assumed this was a standard, rather than a bespoke feature but when I tested this, it made no difference to the customer checkout page.

Does anyone know if this is a bespoke feature or is there an Add-on that will do this for me?

There is the option to set up a "pay on account" or we call ours pay by purchase order. we use this and they get billed at end of month from our internal system

Brilliant, that is exactly what I need, thank you. Things are really obvious when pointed out to you :-)