Set Shipping For Certain Product

I see in this post Shipping challenges - Issues & Troubleshooting - CS-Cart Community Forums that you can set a manual shipping method for certain products for drop shipping.

I'm presently using the free version of Cs-Cart. Is it possible to set a specific amount for certain products or do I need the supplier addon?

Hello, NowsTheTime!

You can use the Shipping freight feature for this: CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Thanks Orangegirl, I tried that but it simply adds the amount to the realtime shipping calculators.

I think the title of that article in the knowledge base is a bit misleading. It sounds like you can make a different shipping method for a product but it's really a way to add an additional service charge to the shipping methods you have active.

I wanted to set shipping for one single product at $3.00 while all other products used the realtime shipping calculators.

Thank you for the clarification.

I am afraid, in CS-Cart Community the necessary functionality can be realized by making some code changes only.

Try to set this product to 0 Weight all other products up to 0

go to realtime shipping charges set by weight dependndig up to 0 set -6 (exemples) and up to 0,1 set +6.

What is is my idea.

real shipping is from 0-5lbs 10 Dollar if product is 0 lbs calculating 10dollar - 6 = 4dollar if higer than 0 lbs add the 6 doller to the calculating back .

i dont now if works … try :)

or make is reverse add to this product 9999lbs an set the fixet price

Thanks to posto for making me think in a different direction! I've found a way to make this work temporarily until I can get my pro version and use the suppliers addon. This is not a good solution for someone that has a lot of products that are drop shipped. I found when editing a product that the weight field is limited to 2 decimal places and that puts a limit on how many products you can configure this way.

The basic idea: the weight of the product is set below zero, create a manual shipping method, add shipping cost to products shipping properties.

I tried adding the cost to the weight dependencies so that if more than one product was ordered, it would automatically add different costs (ie:graduated shipping costs). This did not work because if another (different) product was added to the order, the realtime calculators would not kickin to pick up the additional weight. This is also true if you try to use really high weights, verses the “below zero” weights.

Other than not being able to apply to many products, the biggest downside is customers being charged double the shipping cost if they order more than one product. But like I said, this is temporary and with my products, the chances of them ordering more than one is pretty slim.

Hope this helps someone else out. If you have any questions or even a way to make it work better, let me know.

Image 1:

[indent=1]I set the weight to .01 (my standard is set in ounces and this entry has nothing to do with how much the product actually weighs.) This prevents the realtime shipping calculators from functioning if this is the only product ordered because they are set to kickin at a higher weight.[/indent]

[indent=1]I added the cost that I needed to be added to the invoice. (In this case, my drop shipper charged a flat $14.95).[/indent]


Image 2:

[indent=1]I created 2 shipping methods because I had 2 different shipping costs I wanted to set up. As you can see in the image, these two methods are based on weight that is lower than my realtime shipping methods.[/indent]


Image 3:

[indent=1]Add weight dependancies. This is a bit confusing because the weight field in this instance does accept more than 2 decimal places. But it was necessary because if I set it to .01 (the same as my product) it would return as free shipping.[/indent]

[indent=1]It was necessary to add the weight dependancies to each location that I had already set up. It would not work with just the default destination. (I'm still new to CS-cart but I believe that is intended because this is a manual shipping method.)[/indent]