Set profit margin

I am in a situation.
I have a csv file with products and Purchase prices, i need this prices from my vendor to update daily so i will set a cron job for this. To this prices i need to set a percent profit margin automatically. After that, from this margin to set discounted prices.
I know cs-cart has list price and price to set prices and discounts to products, but if my csv file is updating, the list price is set to the ones from csv so my discount disappear.
Is there a way to have wholesale prices with added profit margin and discounted price?

Please pay attention to the modifiers field on the Fields mapping field. I think, you can increase required prices with this feature

I found this

  • Let’s assume that you sell all products that come from your supplier at the prices that are 10% higher, but the supplier provides his prices in the file.In that case you can add a modifier like mul($value, 1.1) for the column with price to automatically increase all prices in the imported file by 10%.

This is very helpful, thank you very much!

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You can also check our addon

In this addon you can specify margin for any category and check detailed report after each update.

If you have many rows in CSV file addon works much more quickly then default addon.

Thank you for the info.
For the moment the standard import addon is ok for me.

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Is there an option to round the price?

I am afraid, there is no such a modifier

Ok, thank you very much!

Our addon has ability to round prices.


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