Set options in URL Link?

Does anyone know if it is possible to set the value of a product option through a URL link.

Example: When a customer clicks on an Ad for a certain keyword that may include something about a certain product option. I want them to get redirect to the correct landing page with the product option already set to what they are looking to Purchase.

Currently customer have to select the option they are looking for, which is not perferred for a good conversion rate. The easy I can make the pruchase the better…


I don’t think this is possible.

Actually, I think it could be with a bit of modding. But seeing as I don’t use product options, I’m not sure which files to modify or what.

My guess would be something like sending a variable from php to smarty with the value of {$selected_product_option} from $_GET[‘spo’] and in the templates use an {if} to determine which action to take.

Options use javascipt